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Who We Are

KLA Elementary School is an innovative and progressive institution inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. After ten years of providing children with a renowned early childhood education in our KLA preschool program, we are extending this enriching experience to give continuity to our meaningful and quality educational practices. Our state of the art facility provides spaces where children’s abilities and natural aptitudes are nurtured in ways that develop new and inherent talents.

Our educators believe in the child’s competency and potential, while embracing the children’s ideas, points of view, and participation in their learning experience. They appreciate professional development as a way of further understanding the child’s thinking and learning processes.

At KLA Elementary School, we offer children a place to become aware of their love for learning. Their thoughts and ideas are honored and acknowledged as they become protagonists of their learning process, while having access to rich, innovative materials, ateliers, laboratories (Kitchen lab, Science lab, Technology lab, Library/Resource Center, Gym, Theater, Music), and other resources in the community.

Our Unique Features

  • Brand new, open and innovative spaces where children are able to be protagonists of their own learning process. Our elementary program offers not only a quality educational experience, but also a meaningful life experience that nurtures and respects the child as a whole.
  • Our enrichment programs have been thoughtfully developed to challenge our elementary aged children while enhancing and encouraging critical thinking through differentiated instruction. Some of our enrichment programs are:
    • Physical Education (from two to four times a week)
    • Martial Arts (once a week)
    • Technology and engineering (twice a week)
    • Music (twice a week)
    • Spanish (from two to three times a week)
    • Soccer, Basketball and other sports programs!
  • Our Atelier (art studio), offers the children endless opportunities to experiment and explore with different materials that invite them to express their thoughts and ideas using a variety of languages with confidence and creativity.
  • Our After-School Program offers cooking, martial arts, awesome science, mandarin, dance, chess, piano, and many more!
  • Our Kitchen and Science Laboratories offer the children endless opportunities to experiment and explore with different materials that foster inquiry and investigation. The children use computers, iPads, laptops and smart boards to support and compliment their research process.
  • Learning is not limited to the classroom, children are exposed to areas outside of the school and they use those surroundings to make connections to their classroom projects. We have our own school buses, which facilitate our relationships with our city and environment through field trips and excursions. We are not bound to a single theory. Our curriculum is based on our research on the multiple intelligences that children possess, and the importance of offering children a holistic environment that provokes active learning, collaborative work, and problem-solving skills that children will apply to their daily lives.
  • In our Sound and Movement Studio the children create stories using their bodies and encounter different layers of corporal expression.
  • Collaboration between teachers and parents is an integral part of the educational experience at KLA Elementary School.
  • Our staff is composed of certified, trained and professional educators and counselors that will support your child’s transition, growth and development in every aspect.
  • Professional development is an essential part of the daily life our school and teachers. Other than receiving the ongoing support of pedagogical coordinators and directors, the entire staff meets every week to share ideas and discuss the projects and experiences that are taking place in their classrooms. Our teachers are also provided with 7.5 hours a week to continue their research, work on their projections, their classroom logistics and organization, and to meet with parents. We know how important it is to provide our educators with the necessary tools to further enhance their investigation on children’s development and progressive and innovative educational practices. As a Reggio Emilia inspired school, we maintain a close relationship with Reggio Children and The Loris Malaguzzi Centre, as well as with educators from Reggio Emilia, Italy who now come visit our school every year!

Our Programs

We operate based on the Federal and State Academic Standards through experiences and projects where children can explore, research, exchange ideas, and be protagonists of their learning process.

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Educational Approach

Our philosophy is to be carried out by emphasizing the child’s abilities, competences, and natural aptitude, developing and fostering the child in ways that encourage the development of new and inherent talents.

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Photo Tour

We would like to welcome you to your digital tour of KLA Elementary School. From the moment you walk into any of our locations, you will know that you are in a KLA School. Each one of our schools has a modern feel and design unlike any other. Features such as wood floors and furniture, large picture windows for all classrooms and offices, large corridors and classroom sizes, soft tone colors, and play soft furniture brought in from Italy are some of the visual components that makes KLA stand out from all the rest.

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    KLA Elementary School

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