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To all of our KLA families and to our community, welcome to our monthly pedagogical newsletter. The purpose of this form of communication is to make visible the life of our school and how children at KLA Elementary learn through a hands-on, progressive, and innovative approach to education. We want to build a bridge that connects us to our current families, as well as those that will join us in the future and highlight the continuity that we are giving to the quality that our preschools have been offering for all of these years. We also want to maintain our community updated on the construction progress of our new state of the art facilities! Our newsletters will also feature our students, teachers, classroom stories, building updates, special events and more!
Register Today for 2019 – 2020 School Year
Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is NOW OPEN!
We have spaces available for Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grade!
If you have any questions about our program, our educational approach or tuition, please come and tour our school! During your visit, you will be able to see the classrooms in action and experience first hand what our school has to offer! Call now! Spaces are filling up quickly! We can’t wait to meet you! 


Call us at 305-377-0391 to schedule your tour today!


KLA Elementary offers Kindergarten though 3rd Grade.
Our Program
Our progressive approach takes the whole child into account, aligning their interests with fields of knowledge that they will encounter in the elementary grade levels. We operate based on the Federal and State Academic Standards through hands-on experiences and projects where the children can explore, research, exchange their ideas and be protagonists of their learning process.
Why Should You Tour?
  • See our students in action!
  •  Meet our amazing teachers and staff
  • Check out our facilities and inquire about our new building!
  •  Get your questions answered
Join us this Summer!
In our KLA Elementary Summer Camp children will have the opportunity to participate in fun-filled activities that include art, music, technology, creative movement, games, sports, and many more! They will also go out on field trips many times during the week to explore the great outdoors! These adventures will include visits to nature trails, parks, museums, beaches, theaters, sports stadiums, and more of what Miami has to offer!
What Makes Our School Unique?
Our Teachers
At KLA Elementary, our teachers and staff are passionate, knowledgeable, caring individuals, dedicated to providing quality education. Our staff is unique, with qualifications stemming throughout many different fields. Among us are teachers with backgrounds and credentials in mental health and school counseling, speech and language pathology, health and fitness administration, studio arts, musical theater, gymnastics and of course, K-12 education, amongst many other fields. The individuality of each of our teachers creates a richness in our team as a whole. Our teachers provide an inimitable educational experience, tailored to the learning process of each child in their care. 
AKA –> Teacher Planning Time
Professional Development
Other than receiving the ongoing support of pedagogical coordinators and directors, the entire staff meets every week to share ideas and discuss the projects and experiences that are taking place in their classrooms. Our teachers are also provided with 7.5 hours a week to work on their projections, their classroom logistics and organization, and to meet with parents. We know how important it is to provide our educators with the necessary tools to further enhance their research and investigation on children’s development and progressive and innovative educational practices. As a Reggio Emilia inspired school, we maintain a close relationship with Reggio Children and The Loris Malaguzzi Centre, as well as with educators from Reggio Emilia, Italy who now come visit our school every year! 
Our Enrichment Programs
Our enrichment programs have been thoughtfully developed to challenge our elementary aged children while enhancing and encouraging critical thinking through differentiated instruction. Some of our enrichment programs include:
  • Physical Education (from two to four times a week)
  • Martial Arts (once a week)
  • Technology and engineering (twice a week)
  • Music (twice a week)
  • Spanish (from two to three times a week)
  • Soccer, Basketball and other sports programs!
Our Atelier and our Sound and Movement Studio
Our Atelier (art studio),
offers the children endless opportunities to experiment and explore with different materials that invite them to express their thoughts and ideas using a variety of languages with confidence and creativity.
In our Sound and Movement Studio
the children create stories using their bodies and encounter different layers of corporal expression. 
Learning is not limited to the classroom, children are exposed to areas outside of the school and they use those surroundings to make connections to their classroom projects.
Collaboration between teachers and parents is an integral part of the educational experience at KLA Elementary School.
The Future of Our School
This is our new KLA! It is ours!” – second grader
As part of the growth of our school, we will be moving to a new, urban, state of the art facility. This new building, also located in Brickell, will enhance all of the amazing features that we currently offer with innovative and open spaces, a rooftop with a basketball court and a soccer field, indoor gymnasiums, theater, laboratories, art, music and movement ateliers, and much more!
Our second graders and elementary school founders went to visit the construction site where our new school will be!
Keeping Young Children Safe on Youtube
Over the years, YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity. It now has over one billion users daily, and many of these are children. These days, parents are concerned about their children being exposed to YouTube and accidentally coming across a video that is scary. There are also disturbing videos that can seem child-friendly at first, often featuring faked versions of their favorite movie or book characters in frightening or adult situations.
Click here
for 5 tips to help keep your young child safe on YouTube.


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